Each day we have an opportunity to become a better version of ourselves. To do something different or inspiring and to find meaning in our lives. The love we portray to others is a reflection of how much we value our own worth and how much kindness your heart can give. When we know how to love ourselves and to accept our flaws and imperfections, not only are we grateful for everything we have in our lives, but we’re also accepting we’re all human and we’re not meant to be perfect and to live without mistake.

It just depends on how we perceive the situation. All of us have a free will in deciding whether we want to grow and flourish to become a better version of ourselves, or to remain stagnant and unforgiving.

Regardless of how or what our decision is, it is important for us to accept who we are as a person and to not put others down. We are all deserving and worthy of receiving love and acceptance. Even though all of us experience different emotions and different fears, we all have goals, dreams, and aspirations.

It just depends on us whether we want to make it happen or if we choose to give up and lose hope. We should all be courageous in facing our fears and in facing all the trials or difficulties we come across in our lives because what we experience will give us wisdom in upcoming situations and it will also help us grow and learn from our past experiences. All of us create and shape our destinies, our past choices are the building blocks or foundations of what’s about to come in the near future.

We decide our fates by choosing whether or not to take the path of righteousness or to let all the darkness and evil consume you. It all depends on us at the end of the day, we just have to learn and accept our true selves and to appreciate or differences because we are all born into this world for reason and it is up to us if we want to take it or walk away from it. God gave us all different faces, different missions, different families, and different identities because he knows we are all beautiful and unique in our own ways.

What we’re missing in this world is a little bit more love and kindness from the people we know or don’t know. Encouragement and a little love to everyone in general. Even the plants and animals deserve all the love and care in this world. We should all embrace who we are as an individual and love the person we encounter not for their material backgrounds or riches, but for who they are inside and for how they treat others and their selves. Like I said we are all constantly changing and it doesn’t mean just because this person treats you indifferently, means you can make fun of them or judge them.

They are also worthy of change and of receiving all the love and care they could receive from someone else. We are all born with gifts and blessings and the choice is always in our hearts whether or not we want to use them for the good and betterment of all humanity or to waste and abuse the beautiful gifts and blessings God gave us. We can all empower the people we meet to become a better version of themselves just by starting with a small step, we can all make this world a more loving and peaceful place to live in.


Hope is being able to see there’s light despite the darkness. Every time we’re stuck inside a dark void or every time we feel the emptiness growing inside us taking over our minds our bodies, we often feel like this will never end or this will be the fates of our lives for eternity. We should all have the courage to move forward.

Spread your wings and rise up to become a better version of your self. We all want to remember or create beautiful memories or hold on to all the joys we experience. To share our love with everyone and for everyone to understand us.

No one is an exception or a mistake we are all gifted and talented in our own ways. That is why we experience things that no one else has experienced. Its because we’re all different from each other and we all have our own lives to expand to explore and to make.

All the storms we’re facing or all the battles we encounter is a reflection of our thinking. The way we view ourselves and the way we view the world. If you’re pretending to be someone you’re not the truth will always intervene or crave its own path. Helping us realize the reality of our decisions. Helping us create a better life for ourselves and for the people around us.

Let the people remember you for who YOU are. Don’t be afraid to embrace your own life. Take hold of your life and claim it as yours. It has always been yours from the very beginning and that is why God gave us all a chance to live in this world. It was because he knows you’re worthy and capable of creating a better future for yourself. For the world, and for all of us to right our wrongs. He’s giving us all a chance to make a better life. A life which we all can appreciate so if ever we are to be given another chance to be reborn, we know we made the right choices in our past lives.

Create something new or create something different no one else has created. Be the change you want to create in this world. Be the first to embark on your ideas on your projects. If you’ve been doubting your abilities or your capacity, you have the power to prevail to achieve and to fulfill your dreams. You have the strength to strive forward. The potential to be someone who creates and inspires everyone to reach out to their dreams, to their community. So we could all become united as an entity.

All of us are capable of becoming an example for everyone to be inspired and look up to. As long as we all have good intentions. As long as we all want what’s best for everyone and as long as we’re not greedy or stepping over people’s dreams or aspirations, the people who are surrounding us will see hope and will be inspired to pursue their dreams.

When we make wishes it’s usually for a better life, stability, love, or happiness. We all want to feel complete. We all know that if we’re happy and comfortable we can overcome any problems. If we all continue to have this mindset we are all attracting abundance and positive energies will continue to surround us. 

Never give up on your dreams and don’t lose hope on all the problems your facing.  You’ll find a solution or a way out when you least expect it. Have faith and allow your body, your soul, your mind to develop and expand. All the fruits of your labor will pay off and your Spirit guides and angels are encouraging you to stay strong and be ready to face and handle any problem that’ll arise. They want you to remain courageous despite everything you’re facing. It’ll all be worth it in the end and you’ll gain a lot of understanding and wisdom from it.

When we embark on a new path or on a new journey, most of us are not sure how it’ll turn out.  Although just beyond the horizon of the so-called impossible is infinite possibilities and probabilities. We gain a lot of new perspectives on various things. We experience new aspects in new and interesting subjects and we gain new viewpoints on enduring all the sufferings we withstand and went through.

We all know that nothing is stopping us from making a change and if we all just give ourselves a chance, we have the potential to create something that could hopefully help alleviate or touch the hearts of every single person we meet or become friends with.

We should all make sure what we’re leaving someone is something we want to be remembered for. Something that could spark hope, change, and positivity to others and something that could spread love and respect to everyone who knows you.

Treasure everything that’s in your life no matter how big or small it is, It’s the love, the idea and the memory that counts. Live a life where you value the significance of yourself and the feelings of everyone else around you. Don’t be too harsh to someone or to anyone you’ve just met. You don’t know what they’ve been through.

Give them a chance to show you the real them and if you want to get rid of someone from your life do it with compassion, not with anger or resentment. Even if they made a mistake don’t allow that mistake to change who you truly are and what you truly want. Explain to them your side of the story and hear out what they have to say. That way you won’t have any regrets in the future and your questions will be answered.

Leave things on a good note and let your actions inspire them to change for the better. Don’t let someone else dictate the way you’re meant to be on this earth for it’s only you who creates your reality, ambitions, expectations, and intentions. Every choice you make no matter how big or small it is, greatly impacts how you want to live and how you want to be perceived by the world and the people around you.


Every single one of us has a story waiting to unfold.  Waiting to explore the depths of our imaginations or visions. Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean we all need or have to make our own books or something. What I meant to say was that all of us create our own story which is, of course, the story of our lives.

The way we think influences the outcome of our future. The outcome of our lives and how we all perceive the world. All of us have gone through our fair share of trials and difficulties but all these challenges are what made us stronger in the end and for us to wake up and realize our life is much more valuable.

Whatever problems you or I face it’s for us to be awakened and it’s for us to be inspired to take on a better path. Sometimes we’re not sure where we’ll go or how we’ll progress or most of the time we even question our own self-worth or importance but it’s crucial for everyone to know we’re all here in this world because we have a mission to do. We all gave our all in achieving or planting the first seeds in our own dreams and aspirations to look forward to.

Although sometimes we’re still not sure what it is that we’re supposed to do. It’s okay to take your time and truly know and understand what makes you happy or what makes you feel excited when you do it. Don’t fear when we feel stuck always remember the universe has a better plan for you and if you were stuck in a relationship or if you just got out of one it was because the universe and your spirit guides want to tell you or show you there’s a better path for you out there and no one and nothing could stop you as long as you believe in yourself and in all your capabilities.

We’re all worthy of genuine love and happiness and if what you experienced before made you feel unwell or stuck know there’s still something or someone out there who also desires to have a real genuine love and kindness from someone. We’re all capable of change and change begins inside us. Inside ourselves and if we’re really ready to face or create a better life. Remember no one else is stopping you from creating your dream life. It’s you who creates barriers,  self-limitations, or expectations to yourself.

All our experiences shape us into who we are right now as an individual but don’t let your fears or enemies hold you back from facing and becoming the real you. All the positivity you share and radiate in this world greatly impact how you feel and how others perceive you. All of us are worthy of a better life, a beautiful start and a great future await everyone who is willing to let loose and become free.

Life is not about counting all your misfortunes it’s about learning from your past experiences and seeing your life from a different angle. These events need or have to happen in our lives because we need to accept and heal from the pain and suffering so we could overcome any adversity, so we could all grow and flourish to become a better person and so we could all inspire others to do the same.

We are all the makers of our own lives. Our own choices reflect how we want to be treated by others and how we want others to understand us. The Change we’re all seeking begins with our own selves. Our own self-worth if we can’t even begin to take the first step to venture into the unknown we’ll never know how far our capabilities are.

If you’re having doubts or if you don’t know where to begin, start with your own happiness. Focus on your dream life and focus on what you want to achieve in life. Always remember whenever you’re in fear or doubt or if you’re really uncertain don’t be scared to ask help or guidance from God and from your angels. They are always there for you and they are always willing to lend an ear and listen to your problems and even help you realize or receive answers.

All you have to do is believe and reach out and of course, make sure when you’re asking for help your also putting in the work and effort and make sure to always be grateful to your life, to your friends,  to your families and to all the gifts you’ve received.

To all the blessings that are coming into your life and to all the people who supported you. Remember not everyone will support what you do or agree to your opinions or dreams but always remember you are creating your life, you are building the foundations of your future and you are beautiful in your own way.
We are all unique souls who all desire to find love, happiness, and respect in our lives. When we were younger we all wanted to be friends with everyone to be the best but when we get older we realize everyone was just looking out for themselves all along. It just takes a lot of time for people to appreciate everything that has happened to them and everything happens for a reason.

We might have to leave the country so we could live somewhere more serene or so we could make new friends or meet new people. Who knows you might even find “The One” if you’re lucky enough maybe it’s a sign to leave behind the old to make room for the new things in life to thrive.

In another situation, we might have to reject someone because we know there’s more to life. There’s more to all the boundaries and all the walls we build or put up. All of us could still remain the same and retain all our morals but we could also expand and develop our own wisdom, knowledge, and dreams into reality.

All of us just need a little push or encouragement from someone or from the divine.  Maybe another reason why we keep experiencing pain and sadness is for us to wake up from this and realize we hold the reins to our destinies. We shape what we want and what we strive to possess. We all hold the key and the answers deep within us. We just need to surround ourselves with the right people and the right energy so we could move to a better path in the future.


All of us can’t find happiness unless we start believing we’re capable of achieving greatness. Nothing in life comes easy.  We often face multitudes of never-ending problems but, if we don’t begin solving these problems, we’ll never be happy or we’ll never be content with what we have.

We should all remember to be brave enough so we can conquer our battles. The best thing we can do is start with the first step. Understand it within yourself nothing comes easy but, these challenges, are what make us stronger. We face these challenges so if we come across a new problem, we know we can withstand it because we’ve already gone through so much in our life. We’ve already seen and experience things much worse or much harder than this so we know we can do anything.

Oftentimes we underestimate our own self or we plant these unhealthy thoughts in our minds convincing our self we can’t do this or we can’t make it through. While in reality, it’s just our natural instinct or our fear of failure telling us we can’t go through this or we will never succeed but, if we don’t listen to these thoughts and if we start believing there’s so much more potential within us we’re actually planting healthy seeds in our minds. We start to see hope and believe in our own potential and our own capacity to achieve uniqueness and greatness.

No one else could do what we’re dreaming or what we desire to accomplish because they can’t read our minds. They won’t believe what you’re saying if you don’t even believe in your own power. If you know it’s impossible then start doing something to make it a reality. If you yourself have any doubts, then how can the world know and believe you’re actually serious in what you’re doing.

If we don’t realize our full potential or if we continue to question whether we’re competent enough or not then, the cycle would just continue repeating over and over and over again until we wear ourselves out and eventually give up. Our dreams won’t just magically come true, we should also remember to work hard for it and put in the effort required for it so it’ll become a reality. When your dreams become a reality,  you’ll be so proud of how much you can actually accomplish, and it’ll be much more rewarding knowing you have gone through a lot just to fulfill what you believed was unthinkable.

When we all achieve something or if we have gone through a difficult moment, we’ll all feel proud and happy with our past choices and, if we continue doing incredible choices as early as now, it’ll greatly affect the outcome of our happiness in the future. If you’re still discouraged about something or if you’re still having second thoughts then do what you think is right. Trust your gut and make sure when you decide about something to also think about your future happiness or how it’ll affect your life in the future. Will this choice make my life easier or will this decision add more problems to my already growing problems.

Our decisions greatly affect the outcome of our future so if you think this is the step you have to do in order to achieve your happiness then go for it. No one’s stopping you but your own thoughts and fears. If we’re not afraid of taking risks we won’t even know whether this outcome will be good or bad. If your guts telling you to take a leap of faith then go do it. God is always there to guide you and protect you. As long as you trust him he’ll stay by your side and continue to guide you to move forward.

Spread your wings and feel optimistic about your life. Be brave and open up your wings so your happiness will soar to the sky. We all have our own free will and our own choices. That is why each of us has been given our own minds so we can decide what we want to do with our destiny. So each of us will have our own opinions on what we think is right from wrong and so we’ll be able to decide whether or not to remain sad or to start making changes now and live your life freely feeling content and happy with the choices and decisions you made.

All of us should remember we can do anything as long as we set our minds to it. Trust the Lord, have faith in yourself. Go after what you want and soar high like a bird in the sky. No matter how high your aspirations are never give up and remember not to boast to others. Continue to show kindness, and continue to be your real true self, so you too can empower others to do the same.


I believe every single one of us is unique. We all have different aspirations, different jobs we want to do. Some of us have already even planned on what to do or what we want to be when we grow up. Although not everyone knows what we want to do.

It’s fine we don’t need to set a single goal. Maybe some of us are free-spirited. We have a bunch of ideas or goals we want to accomplish. We dream of achieving, learning, and experiencing a ton of various things or hobbies. We want to see the world and we want to travel to different places or we always want to change locations.

Often times, we usually change our schedule or our priorities. We don’t necessarily want to be tied down to one place. We want to see the beauty of the world, and we want to meet and be friends with different people and to go to different places we’ve never been to.

Although in reality we only have a few people who we truly trust and who we consider as real true friends. It’s often hard for us to find someone who is authentic. Someone who isn’t afraid to be their real self. We want to be friends with people who understand us and people who are not afraid to be themselves.

Personally, I am like this I always felt like I didn’t belong to my group of friends and I always felt like an outcast in school. It’s like I felt like I didn’t belong or relate to them. I’ve always felt different, I’ve always wanted to make connections with other people and be friends with other people. It’s like these strangers I meet are the ones who truly understand me and appreciate who I really am.

So if you can relate you’re probably like me. We want to connect to a lot of people and be friends with other people but we don’t necessarily find it easy to do so or trust them. Maybe because we can sense when and If they’re lying to us so it’s much harder for us to trust or believe what they say. Because deep inside we know they’re lying but, at the same time we don’t want to hurt their feelings or lose another friend so, we pretend to go along with them.

Even though we know they’re not exactly truthful we don’t want to lose them. Just because they lied to us means we unfriend them automatically. We still want to give them chances to make up for what they did. The same goes for relationships. When we become attached to someone it’s hard for us to let them go and to see them leave because we don’t want to lose this emotional connection with them and we don’t want them to go even though deep down we know and feel what they did is hurting us emotionally and mentally. We don’t want to accept what they’ve done so, we make excuses and still give them another chance even though we know it’ll still hurt us in the end. We also don’t want to let go of this bond because we know it personally how hard it is to find someone genuine.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find someone who likes us but, we should also keep in mind everyone is unique and we all have different personalities. We’re all created by God to be different from everyone else so we could all have our own identity. We could all decide to be someone else or just be you. A lot of people may not appreciate who you are or what you do but at the end of everything, all they can really do is tell you to change your life, change who you are, you’re not good enough. We don’t need someone to tell us how to live. We can stand up and be proud of our decisions.

We can be independent and inspire them to also be their real self. We can help make this world a better place by spreading love and positivity, our world is already filled with narcissistic people, we don’t have to contribute and add to it. We don’t have to hide behind a mask or pretend. If they don’t love you for who you are it’s fine. We don’t need people discouraging us. There will be someone out there who will truly love you and appreciate you as you. It just takes a lot of time and patience to find that person.

When the time comes, and we have to let go of a person because we know it’s becoming toxic or too codependent. We should also take note of their feelings and how they’ll feel. We don’t have to be too harsh with them. They also have feelings like us and even though they’ve hurt you doesn’t mean you also have to do the same and hurt them too.

There’s always a better way of how you decide to tell them or how you want the outcome to be. We don’t have to be aggressive or harsh, it’s our choice how we want partings to go. I’m not saying it will be easy, it will always be hard and heartbreaking but, we should know and we should do this for both your sake and the other person’s sake. If you feel like you need the time or if you feel like whatever you decide will make you happier then go do it. Follow what your guts telling you to do it’s right most of the time. 

Take your free time and use it to heal or start doing something or start a new hobby you’ve always yearned to do. You may also start focusing on your future. Sometimes relationships teach us lessons and things we can do or not do again. We learn from our past experiences and this could help us in the future if we decide to have another try again. No relationships perfect, may it be a romantic one, friendship, maybe about family or work-related. There will be always bumps along the way but, it’s part of what makes us stronger.

Remember we can always surpass something no matter how difficult it is, as long as we try and never give up. Don’t beat yourself up if something fails rather focus on yourself and remember to also give yourself a break. You’re also human, you too need to recharge.  With that being said, I hope all of you who have gone through this or is going through with this will see and understand not everything has to be perfect with just a single try, sometimes it takes a lot of tries and a lot of hard work before you can find and achieve something you truly wish to come true.


Each day we have an opportunity to create something different. No matter how big it is or how little it is. We decide what we want to do in our lives, we make our own destinies and we choose how we want to depict ourselves in the world. However, oftentimes we don’t know what we’re meant to do in this lifetime.

Sometimes we pretend to be someone else just so our society would accept who we are as an individual. So someone would admire us and cherish us. I know we’re all unique and we all have our own gifts and talents. Don’t say you don’t have one or be discouraged. We may not know what we are blessed yet or we’re still finding or developing it so, just take your time and be patient.

Know we’re all brought into this earth for a reason. All of us come from different places around the world yet, we all desire to be loved and to be understood. And of course, we all want to have a great life and a great future. So I hope this can inspire you to be your authentic self and just embrace who you are as a person.

Like everyone, we’ve all gone through a lot in our lives. May it be a failed relationship, a misunderstanding, a difficulty with finding the perfect job, or recently we got fired from our previous job but, maybe something bigger is coming our way. Yet, we just can’t accept what happened to us because we’re afraid of what the outcome will look like if we give it another chance.

Will it end up causing more problems or will it solve my current predicament. We’ll never know which unless we try to be strong and try to fix the broken pieces in our life. It is our own decision whether or not to accept our reality or do something about it in order to rise again and realize we are stronger if we grow.

Our perils in life or the hardships we’ve gone through or still going through may have been a blessing in disguise. To let us all know we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Our existence in this world alone is already a blessing. So no matter how difficult our situation could or might get we must always remember to never lose faith and hope.

When everything’s become to overwhelming always remember to pray to God and let him assist you. Always remember you are never alone. God is always with you helping you every step of the way. Letting you understand there’s still a destination for me for all of us. I just have to tell myself that no matter how or no matter what lies ahead I’ll be strong and I’ll conquer my battles with the help of the Lord. We didn’t reach the final stage in life yet and we’ll never do if we always doubt our own potential or if we just give up.

Follow your dreams and don’t let a stepback stop you from doing what you love the most. If what you love doing the most is to make someone else happy, then go do it. If what you want the most is to be successful in life then go and start making it happen. If what you want is to create something else no one has ever created before go do it.

Nothing and no one else has the ability to be you and to do what you do. No matter how hard they try to imitate you or copy you they can’t. There’ll always be something that sets you apart from them but its because we all put our own twist or flavor to it. Everyone is extraordinarily beautiful in their own uniqueness and that’s what makes our identity ours.

We’re all born into this world to make a change or create something different no one else has done because all of us have our own minds, our own dreams, and our own hearts to follow what we desire the most.

Stop worrying about what happened in the past all of us are just humans we make mistakes and we can’t turn back the clock. Time is always ticking and every time we blame ourselves, we’re just wasting another second to live and enjoy life. So stop wasting your time and instead do something more meaningful you can remember and look back in the future.

We have emotions just like everyone else. Learn to move on and forgive yourself. We experience pain so we’ll grow to become our stronger selves and so we’ll know how to overcome our problems. The only thing we could do is learn from our previous errors and begin to create a better future for ourselves.

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